Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Even More 1965 Alt-Topps

All Star, World Series, Leader Cards and More

The All Star cards are a bit of a throwback to the 1958 design. Second base belonged to New York in the 1964 ASG.

1964 World Series MVP Bob Gibson pitched 27 innings over 3 games. This included 10 innings in Game 5. His battery mate, Tim McCarver broke the tie in the 10th with a 3-run homer.
For the Leader cards, I tried to let the photos dominate the card. 
I also used a couple of stat categories that Topps wouldn't use on their own leader cards until 1973.

One thing that has been missing in my previous Alt-Topps efforts has been the multi-player card. Topps used them throughout the 50s and 60s.  The Aaron Brothers seemed like low-hanging-fruit. 

While I'm surprised Topps didn't use Hank & Tommy, this tribute to the KC Monarchs might have been a departure for Topps. Both Altman and Banks played for the Monarchs under Buck O'Neil in the early 50s. In 1965 O'Neil was the Cubs hitting coach.

1965 marked the opening of the Astrodome and the name change from Colt .45s to Astros. There were plenty of gimmicks, including a ground crew dressed as spacemen.  


  1. All Star Cards look fantastic! Great idea using the 58 design and the player selections are excellent.

  2. Awesome!!

    You know I'm going to say something about the World Series cards. ;)

    Great work!!

  3. Every time I see new cards on your site, I feel like a kid again!

  4. That card with Buck O’Neil would have been fantastic!

  5. Maybe your best batch yet. Aaron brothers - how did Topps miss this one?!? After all, they did several brother cards over the years - once again you've topped em. Never knew that Al Weis was among the leader in any given category. "Monarch Meeting" is just superb - so glad you thought of it. At first I wasn't too impressed with "Houston Ground Control". However the more I look at it the more I dig it; plus love that great pun, which my (sometimes) dull brain did't pick up on instantly. Your updating of the 58 All Star template is very effective and would look great in 2020. Tried to get this message back to you on 6/13, and this a.m both times it disappeared! I must have hit the wrong button twice! KoolKards said it best on 06/11 you've brightened our days (or as the Byrds put it in one of their songs - Catch Me if you can - I'm goin' back!). Keep up the good work! "Buzz" (Bryant)

    1. I missed the pun the first time around. Very clever CTNW. Thanks for pointing it out "Buzz".

  6. Are you going to create the rest of the 65 all stars? Keep up the great work!!!

  7. Just thought I'd take this chance to jump back and lend my support to all the other requests that are out there - even if that means that my roster gets trimmed. I thought that I would even "editorialize" (positively) on another fans pick. I believe that KOOLKARDS is requesting a Ken Harrelson (with K.C.). This brought to mind an incident that I believe might have been in 1965. Was that the year Ken rode "Charlie O."(uh...the mule that is)? If so, after you finish the "base card" that he is probably looking for, you might consider a "variation" - yeah, it might make a great "Hawk...In Action" card! all in fun "Buzz" (Bryant)

  8. Love the alt-topps All-Star editions here, plus cool card on the Monarchs Reunion - Shawn, Boys of Summer.