Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Some 1965 Requests

Since I'm doing a bit of "tying up loose ends", I had a request for some non-multiplayer rookie cards from 1965.  It took a little digging to find the time appropriate uniforms, but it was worth it.

The request were for Jose Cardenal, Glenn Beckert, Ken Berry and Paul Schaal.


  1. Thanks again for these cards. I knew I made the requests, but had to go back and see when it was. It was 11-30-18. Very much appreciate you making the cards, but especially going back this far.

  2. "Is Paul Schaal tall?" This was a frequent tag line delivered by original Angels broadcaster Don Wells whenever the cited came to the plate. Although not a great hitter, Schaal had an excellent glove. After going to K.C. in 1969 he improved with the lumber a bit. However, it was inevitable that the talent of George Brett would move him off that bag (1974). Still a good career; how many players last a decade?R.I.P. Mr. Schaal. Jose Cardenal - I often thought of him as a righty Willie Davis, very good speed with some definite "pop" in the bat - no surprise that he lasted a decade and 1/2. Glenn Beckert, didn't he get an arthritic ankle? Well until then he was certainly darn good (multiple all star picks)....really good hitter for a mid infielder. Lastly, Ken Berry, if he had Willie Mays bat (but then who did?) he might be HOF - just a terrific outfielder. A tip of the hat to Mr. White for making these requests and a double tip to you for making the cards. Seeing these makes me feel young again...thanks to all "Buzz"(Bryant).