Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cards That Never Were - 37th & 38th Series Checklists

My most recent endeavors have been a bit different than those I've done in the past.  Instead of individual cards, I have been imagining entire sets. First was the 1963 Fleer set that was cut short by Topps' lawyers.  I added leaders cards, managers, rookies, team cards all-stars, etc. 

Additionally, I found a whole bunch of rejected Topps card designs. I gave those the same treatment.  Not just adding base cards but extrapolating those designs into entire sets. With the same compliment of subsets (team cards, rookies, all-stars, etc.)
Once I've posted my ideas, I have been filling request to those of you that follow this blog and share my interests (read geekyness). One of those requests was for a checklist.  Specifically one with a player like the 1967-69 Topps checklists.  How could I refuse, those were my favorites. 
I went with Elston Howard for the 1964 Alt-Topps version.  He was just coming off his MVP year in 1963 which also got him his first Gold Glove. And now Yogi Berra had taken the Yankees manager position. Elston didn't disappoint in 1964, He got his first All Star start, another Gold Glove and finished 3rd in MVP voting.

As usual, you can click here for a look at all the cards on these checklists. You can also click on the checklists in the right margin to view all of my cards without any boring words to slow you down.


  1. John, a lot of people are making custom cards these days, but you will always be the best.

  2. I will certainly endorse the previous comment as well as that from another "anonymous"--not me--who asked for a alt 64 Mantle (after all it was his last big year). Here's another idea, albeit not specifically baseball, while on your path to resurrect 1964 with a spin. Not to trivialize things, but how about a JFK "In Memorium" card. I've got to believe Topps might have considered this but for some reason demured. What do you think? Anyway, I'll always sign mine "Buzz"

  3. Hope I'm not peppering you with too many requests (wish that others would join in)! Just thought of one more candidate for your 1964 roster - Frank "The Original" Thomas. Though he was beginning to fade into the "downside"of his career, he nonetheless had a big impact on that season; and one further incident that he was involved in was all too emblematic of the time that our whole country was about to slip into. Please consider..."Buzz"