Tuesday, November 6, 2018

1964 Alt-Topps

Continuing on with the Topps Mock-ups, This is one of the better looking designs that was rejected by Topps. 

In this version, Topps borrows somewhat from the 1962 Topps Football style and the photo was originally used on the 1963 Ken Hubbs card.  Because of this, I put this at a 1964 vintage.

Here is the 1963 Hubbs card.

And here is my cleaned up version.
I tried to create the base cards using the same color schemes Topps used to represent the teams in 1964. First the 1964 MVPs, Brooks Robinson,
And Ken Boyer. As you can see, the colors Topps used in 1964 really bore little if any resemblance to actual team colors.
Next the Cy Young award winner, Dean Chance. In 1964 there was just one Cy Young awarded so I decided to round out my base cards with a National League pitcher.
 I chose Ken Johnson for two reasons. The first is that he threw a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds in April of 1964 yet managed to lose that game 1-0. Pete Rose scored the only run. He reached second on an error by Johnson himself.  He then scored on another error by Hall of Famer, Nellie Fox. The second reason is I just like the Colt .45s logo.


  1. I have to confess that I prefer vertical cards over horizontal cards. However, as always, these are great looking cards and the design is nice. Like you, I really like the Colt .45s logo. The .45s on their caps always looked so neat.

  2. When I originally saw these rejected Topps designs, I thought it would be a fun project for me... but I never got around to it, and frankly I'm just as happy to see what you do with these! Nice job, fun stuff!

    1. We must have very similar tastes. I had been sitting on this half baked project for quite a while, also. Finally decided to put out what I have mostly ready and work on what's left. I did set the bar purposely low as far as frequency. I think that is what overwhelmed me in the first place.