Friday, January 29, 2016

1972 Topps Bad-Ass Photos of the Stars: Walt "No-Neck" Williams


I was saddened to hear the news that one of the favorite White Sox players of my childhood passed away last week. Walt Williams, affectionately known as No-Neck, played for the southsiders from 1967-1972. He along with Carlos May, who lost a thumb during a military training exercise, and Pat Kelly made up the Early '70s White Sox outfield which Harry Carey referred to as "no neck, no arm and no thumb".

I had made a card of Williams once before for my other blog "Rating the Rookies" seen to the right. But I wanted to make a tribute card of him during his White Sox tenure. So while scanning the interwebs for an appropriate picture I came across this photo of him on his motorcycle in old Comiskey Park. So I figured I'd modify the 1972 Boyhood Photos series for this card. 

I also ran into problems finding a decent photo of Walt in a 1972 era Sox uniform. So what I did was take the half-assed airbrush job Topps did on him for their 1973 card to the left and "fixed" it. 


  1. ha, bad-ass photos of the stars. Love it :)

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