Thursday, May 5, 2016

TBT - Minnesota Twins Edition

Throwback Thursday

Ok this will be a quick and dirty post I will try to actually publish every Thursday. I will make a retro card of a current player from the era of the throwback uni he is wearing. I will also post an actual card from that era as a comparison point.

This week I am making a card of Joe Mauer wearing the Twins home alternate uniform. This is basically the same threads they wore from 1961-1971.
 I realize that in this picture the colors are more bluish than on the 1971Topps Leo Cardenas card I am using for a comparison. I think that may have more to to with lighting conditions, or exposure.  Personally, I think they look much better than their everyday uniforms.
As a bonus TBT feature, I created these two 1962 cards at the request of a couple of anonymous comments.  Although, Rich Rollins and Bernie Allen both appeared on the same 1962 Rookie Parade card. This particular Twins fan wanted to see them on their own 1962 cards.

This seemed like the appropriate place to put them. As a side note, I also featured that 1962 Rookie Parade card about a year ago on my other blog, Rating The Rookies. They shared that card with Phil Linz and Joe Pepitone.

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  1. Thank you very much for the 1962 Rich Rollins and Bernie Allen. They look great!! Really enjoy this website. Was not sure how to contact you. Don't have a Google account. So I really appreciate you responding to the anonymous comment. Thanks again. B. White