Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1980 Topps Phillies Future Stars: Bob Dernier, Lonnie Smith, Bob Walk

There were 16 different players receiving Rookie of the Year votes in 1980 and not a single one of them was included in the 1980 Topps set. So I am continuing my flood of 1980 rookie cards.

There were 2 Phillies players who received Rookie of the Year consideration in 1980. Of course neither of them were included in the 1980 Topps set so I decided to make a second Phillies Future Stars card.

The original card featured Ramon Aviles, Dickie Noles and Kevin Saucier. Aviles saw limited action as a middle infielder but Noles and Saucier each had over 40 games in relief.

Lonnie Smith had appeared in the 1979 Topps set on a Phillies Prospects and he had a regional Burger King issue of him on a 1980 card but he was excluded from the regular issue set. He hit .339 and had 33 stolen bases for the Phillies and came in 3rd in Rookie of the Year voting.

Bob Walk was one of 3 players who tied for 7th in the N.L. with one vote. He was 11-7 in his rookie season.

Bob Dernier made his Major League debut in September of 1980. I just added him to balance out the card. He would make his Topps debut in 1982 on a Phillies Future Stars card.

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  1. Nice! Those 1979 and 1980 Burger King Phillies cards are what got me back into the hobby when I stopped collecting after 1972.