Friday, August 30, 2013

1967 Topps All Star Cards : National League Battery

1967 Topps Sandy Koufax All-Star

Sandy Koufax went out at the top of his game. In 1966 he had a career high 27 wins, and a career low 1.73 ERA. For the 3rd time in 4 years, he won the "Pitching Triple Crown" leading the league in Wins, ERA and Strike Outs. He also led the league in shut outs, complete games, and innings pitched earning the starting spot in the 1966 All Star game as well as his 3rd Cy Young award. He was narrowly beaten out by Roberto Clemente for the N.L. MVP.  Topps didn't include a Koufax card in their 1967 set but he did appear on the League Leader cards. If Topps had included All Star cards in the 1967 set he would have appeared there as well.

1967 Topps Joe Torre All-Star

Joe Torre was hitless in his 5th All Star appearance in 1966.  Torre only netted 2 hits with an overall batting average of .095 in 9 All Star games from 1963-1973.

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  1. Your 1967 All-Stars are simply outstanding. '67 Topps is my favorite set, and to see a '67 Koufax - even as an All-Star - so well done, is just a thrill. This "never were" subset is so well conceived and executed - it doesn't get any better than this.