Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shout Out

The Virtual Card Collection

Here is a card I wish I made. I found this card on a site called The Virtual Card Collection. It has hundreds of scanned images of vintage baseball cards. It also has a small collection of "Cards That Never Were" 

In 1964 Topps created an "In Memoriam" card for Ken Hubbs  the 1962 Rookie of the Year who died in an accident while learning to fly.

In 1979 Munson, the 1970 Rookie of the Year, met a tragically similar fate. He was practicing landings on his Cessna Citation when he clipped a tree and crashed short of the runway.  Given the popularity and recent success of Munson and the New York Yankees, it would seem like a no-brainer for Topps to dedicate a card in its 1980 set to Munson. 


  1. I agree, that is a great card. Topps really doesn't get it sometimes. They could really score with a quality archives set. But well continue to see current stars on old designs.

  2. topps did make a card for cory lidle. i thought, in addition to the munson, they should have made one for lyman bostock. i went ahead and made one myself.