Sunday, April 29, 2012

1978 Hostess Paul Molitor

Milwaukee Brewers CTNW Fan Favorites #3

Paul Molitor was the runner up to Detroit's Lou Whitaker in the 1978 Rookie of the Year voting. As a rookie Molitor stole 30 of his 504 career bases. He would go on to play in 7 All Star games, win 4 Silver Slugger awards and a World Series MVP in his Hall of fame career.

For those of us who were kids in the mid to late '70s, We remember picking out our cereal by which ones had cards inserted in them. We also remember going through the all boxes of Hostess snacks. These were even better because the cards were on the outside so you could see who you were getting. They came in panels of 3 but you could also buy 2-packs of Twinkies with individual cards on them. But the individual Twinkies cards always had a huge grease stain on them. My brother and I would go through every box in the store trying to find the players we liked. 

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