Friday, March 8, 2019

Even More 1979 Alt-Topps

World Series, All-Stars and Leaders

Oddly, Topps did not have post season cards in the real 1979 set. Fortunately, I make the rules for the Alt-Topps version. After winning games 1 & 2, the Dodgers lost 4 straight to the Yankees.
For the 1979 All-Stars I changed up the base cards just a little.  Here is Sweet Lou giving Pudge a closer look at his spikes. I'm sure they laughed it off and had a few drinks together after the game, right?
Vida Blue crossed the bay in 1978 and Earned his 3rd All-Star start. He was the first pitcher to start in both leagues. Since then he's been joined by Clemens, Randy Johnson, Halliday and Scherzer.
In 1978 Ron LeFlore led the leagues in runs and stolen bases. In 1980 he would lead the NL in stolen bases with 97 for the Expos. Rounding out the top 3 are Julio Cruz and Bump Wills. Cruz had a career high 59 and would later play 2B for the 1983 "Winning Ugly" Sox. Bump was, of course, the son of stolen base artist Maury.
J.R. Richard won his first strikeout title in 1978. He repeated that feat in 1979. By 1980 he was out of the game. Tragic story. The other two are future Hall of Famers, Niekro and Seaver. 

As usual, if you want to help me fill out this set, leave your suggestions in the comment section.  I'll create a few more cards for this set and post them later this month.


  1. Outstanding work!!!

    You just gotta finish of the WS cards. ;)

    Thanks for these!

  2. Nice touch having the totals on the fronts of the leader cards.

    I think it would be fun to create WAR leader cards, even though of course they'd be completely anachronistic.

  3. Agree with Deogolf - Outstanding! Very nice All-Star cards.

  4. Here's another 2nd to the motions of Deogolf & Bill White. What classic shots of a Lopes "h. r.", as well as the dust up @ home plate with Lou & "Pudge"! Also got to like the "zoned" look on Knucksie's face on the S.O. leader card. If you do take up the challenge of "D" & "B.W."you"ll have the opportunity to showcase some of Nettles' fielding gems. 1978 what a year - Red Sox, Dodgers, and Yanks all rolling around in it! Maybe in the Alt - Universe there should be a card commemorating that "sudden death" 163rd game - what a heart breaker!!! "Buzz" (Bryant)