Saturday, August 2, 2014

1967 Topps AL Stolen Base Leaders: Bert Campaneris, Don Buford, Tommie Agee

The two teams featured on this card, The Kansas City A's and the Chicago White Sox were the top two teams in stolen bases and also the bottom 2 teams in home runs in the A.L. The White Sox were also dead last in batting average while the A's were last in on base percentage. 

The A's had the leagues top base-runner in Bert Campaneris and the top closer in Jack Aker but were sub par in nearly every other category. They finished 7th in the AL.

The White Sox made up for this power shortage with pitching and speed. They had the lowest ERA in the league with 2.68 compared to the league average of 3.44. The next closest was Minnesota with a 3.13 ERA. The Sox also led the league in sacrifice bunts and stolen bases. Don Buford had a career high 51 stolen bases and led the league in sacrifice bunts. Tommie Agee was th AL Rookie of the Year. He had 41 stolen bases and earned a gold glove in center field.This managed to keep above .500 finishing 4th in the AL.

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  1. My man Agee! I have collected every pic of Tommie I could ever find on-line and yet I have never seen that one. How do you do that??!!