Thursday, January 9, 2014

1962 Topps Jackie Jensen - 30 Tribute Card Project - Part 7

This part 7 of a continuing 30 tribute card project inspired by this article from Sports Collectors Daily. In previous posts I have shown 4 cards that Topps had produced and 15 cards that I have found on various blogs pages. Now I have my turn: 

The Jackie Jensen story is an interesting one. He began his MLB career in the Yankees outfield but became expendable with the arrival of Mickey Mantle. He was traded to Washington early in the 1952 season then to Boston in 1954. In 1958 he was the AL MVP and in 1959 he was a Gold Glove award winner, led the league in RBI's, hit 28 HRs and had 20 stolen bases. Yet seemingly at the top of his game, he retired from baseball due in part by his crippling fear of flying. After sitting out in 1960, he returned in 1961 but his production at the plate dropped dramatically causing him to retire for good at the end of the season.  

Not only was there not a tribute card of Jensen in 1962 after his retirement in 1961, Topps also neglected to make a tribute card of Jensen in 1960 after his initial retirement in 1959. Fortunately, Bob Lemke was recently able to right this wrong. Click here for the link to Bob's 1960 Jackie Jensen card.

 Here is the list so far. The Black X represents cards produced by Topps, The red X represents those made by other baseball card geeks, and the blue X represents the cards made by yours truly:

1.       1952 Joe DiMaggio X
2.       1956 Ralph Kiner X
3.       1957 Bob Feller X
4.       1957 Phil Rizzuto X
5.       1957 Jackie Robinson X
6.       1961 Ted Williams X
7.       1962 Jackie Jensen X
8.       1964 Stan Musial X
9.       1964 Early Wynn
10.   1965 Duke Snider
11.   1966 Yogi Berra X
12.   1966 Warren Spahn 
13.   1967 Sandy Koufax X
14.   1967 Robin Roberts X
15.   1968 Whitey Ford
16.   1969 Rocky Colavito X
17.   1969 Roger Maris 
18.   1969 Eddie Mathews
19.   1970 Don Drysdale X
20.   1972 Ernie Banks X
21.   1973 Maury Wills X
22.   1974 Willie Mays 
23.   1977 Hank Aaron X
24.   1977 Frank Robinson X
25.   1978 Brooks Robinson X 
26.   1978 Jim Wynn
27.   1980 Lou Brock
28.   1980 Thuman Munson X
29.   1984 Johnny Bench X
30. 1984 Carl Yastrzemski X

To be Continued......

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