Friday, December 21, 2012

1975 Topps 1972 Rookies of the Year

Although the 1972 AL Rookie of the Year, Carlton Fisk, was 2 years older than his NL counterpart, his playing career would extend a decade after Jon Matlack retired. Both players were selected to the 1974 and 1976 All Star Teams but in 1974 Fisk remained on the bench and in 1976 Matlack never got out of the bullpen. They would face each other after Matlack was traded to the Rangers in 1978. Fisk hit .400 with 2 homers in 27 plate appearances against Matlack. 

1975 was a notable year for both players. Matlack was co-MVP of the All Star Game along with Cubs 3rd baseman Bill Madlock. And who can forget Fisk's game 6 homer?

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