Sunday, January 1, 2012

1987 Topps Mickey Mantle

Just saw this one online. Topps is releasing this as in insert in the 2012 set.  Since I've started taking on the missing Mantles, Topps has put out the 1975 version in the Lineage set this Fall and now the 1987 version is going to be part of the 2012 base set. Both of these cards are minis. In 1975 Topps tested out the mini version regionally. In 1987 Topps did  issue a 77 card Mini Leaders set that had the same woodgrain background but was not the same design as the 1987 regular issue. But apparently the mini '87 inserted in this set are the same design as the 1987 regular issue cards.


  1. This is the best Topps can do with a '87 Topps design? They didn't even get the Yankee logo correct!

  2. That was the first thing I noticed too. I figured they were trying to get a "retro" look. But that seems redundant with the Yankees because they haven't changed since long before Mantle played.