Friday, March 17, 2017

1974 Topps John McNamara

After winning only 60 games in 1973 the Padres fired Manager Don Zimmer. Meanwhile the Padres franchise was in flux. They had been tentatively sold to Joseph Danzansky who planned to move the team to Washington. Danzansky had also made an unsuccessful bid for the Senators in an attempt to keep them from moving to Texas. The city of San Diego threatened legal action for breaking the lease at San Diego Stadium (later known as Jack Murphy then Qualcomm)

Ultimately the club was sold to Ray Kroc and stayed in San Diego. John McNamara took over as manager. With all the off season commotion, the Padres remained the same on the field. Finishing in last place with only 60 wins again.  Because the fate of the Padres was still in flux when the 1974 set went to print, Topps made a few runs designating the team as Washington. But they never made an manager/coaches card. So here is both the 1974 Padres and the 1974 Washington "Nat'l Lea." Manager Cards That Never Were because why not?


  1. Nice finish to complete the set.

  2. Nice set of 1974 managers! Sorry I jumped the gun on the first post, but you mentioned the Yankees and A's and I was sitting there thinking "Who's the third one? WHO'S THE THIRD ONE????" :-)

  3. May I ask how you make the custom cards ? I've only been able to use the Topps site to do it. Is photoshop required and could you give small how to ?