Saturday, September 13, 2014

1954 Red Heart Willie Mays

New York Giants CTNW Favorites #1

Of course the number 1 New York Giant was the Say Hey Kid. Mays was fairly well represented on cardboard during his career. Even though he missed the entire 1953 season due to military obligations, he had a 1953 Topps card. In 1954 he was in both the Topps and Bowman sets. I chose to depict him on a 1954 Red Heart card. First because in 1954 the Giant were World Series Champs. There were a few other popular odd-ball cards I considered using. There were 1954 Dandee cards which were inserted into bags of chips, 1954 Wilson Franks cards which were inserted into hot dog packages. The Red Heart cards were inserted into dog food bags.


  1. Great job. I had no idea they did that way back then. Cards in bags of chips, packages of hotdogs, and especially in bags of dogfood. Amazin'.

    Would those cards be worth a fortune (due to rarity) or are they just overlooked? I use to be up on card values but I haven't looked at a price guide for 20 years.

  2. Nice job with all your fantasy cards". I made a run of 1969 Topps style Cubs cards for players from the team that weren't pictured as Cubs in 1969. I have a Hairston very similar to the one I saw in an older post of yours. My question is where do you get all the beautiful images you use for your cards?

  3. Thanks for the comments. I get asked all the time where I find the pictures I use. I get them from all over. This one is actually the cover of Time Magazine from June 1954. Topps has published many of their unused photos. Pinterest and Google images are also a good source.