Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1961 & 1962 Topps Chris Short

I am continuing with my versions of the Chris Short cards that never were. If you read the last few posts you know that like Maury Wills, Short was missing from Topps sets during the same time period for possibly similar reasons. Unlike Wills, the missing Chris Short cards are not as well documented. 

In 1961 Chris short led the league in wild pitches. He was still splitting time between starting and coming out of the pen. His record was an abysmal 6-12 with a 5.94 ERA. Although his record was right in line with the last place Phillies, who had an overall record of 47-107 and gave up an average of 5.1 runs.

The 1962 Phillies improved to 81-80. That was still only good enough for 7th place, only beating out the 2 expansion teams and the Cubs' disasterous "College of Coaches".

Chris Short improved as well. His record went to 11-9 and his wild pitches were cut in half.

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